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Apple In Education

"Paul was a perfect partner for us. His creativity and delivery of assets were key to our growth" - Apple Solution Expert for Education

Apple Solution Experts (ASE) are independent service providers who have been selected by Apple for their proven expertise in providing technology solutions to education institutions. With a deep understanding of Apple products and a broad knowledge of the issues facing educators, Apple Solutions Experts work with educators to transform teaching and learning. I was hired to invent creative ideas, implement disruptive and differentiating campaigns and produce effective and meaningful communication between the educators and the ASE. This could come in a plethora of mediums from web and social media to print, exhibitions, workshops and video content. Some logos and names have been excluded from this case study due to NDA restrictions.


Apple use a method in which each quarter I would have to plan, implement and prove each individual piece of activity. Working with Apple’s Business Development and Marketing teams I was responsible for delivering the entirety of this process.  In the planning stage I would pitch ideas to the board, along with costs to implement, which Apple would then hopefully agree to fund. Once approved by Apple, the work must be completed in the timeframe outlined in the plan, and proven to have been successful by hitting the projected targets for them to release the funds. This meant that every single piece of activity was thouroughly researched, carefully planned and perfectly executed.

Each quarter Apple have set areas of their business they want to focus on. Whether it be increase sales of MacBook, increase awareness of the potential of iPad in education or improve sales in a particular area of the country, these must be reflected in all marketing activity. Over the 18 months I worked with the ASE producing websites, video case studies, Events and exhibition spaces, email marketing and social media campaigns.

One of the most significant pieces of work I produced was an e-commerce and feature filled brochureware website for one of the fastest growing Apple Solution Experts for Education. Many ASE sell Apple products into education, some provide training, others provide technical support and integration. This ASE provide all of these services as well as working with businesses to integrate Apple in the workplace and offer specially priced products to Ministry Of Defence employees.

The core of the business is education so it was important the information architecture of the site was designed carefully to structure the information in a way in which any potential clients, partners or e-commerce customers can easily identify the area of the site which is relevant to them in order not diluting the proposition to the target audiences. The solution was to divide the main navigation points into 5 main destination areas ‘Education’, ‘Training’, ‘Business’, ‘Technical’, and ‘Store’. The ‘Education’, ‘Training’, ‘Business’ and ‘Technical’ sections of the site are built using WordPress as a CMS so the business can easily update and manage content and pages, while the store is powered by Magento to manage stock levels from distributer feeds and handle payments. As well as brochureware and e-commerce, the website also features an events listing and booking system, blog and a video broadcasting channel which automatically syndicates videos across Youtube, Vimeo and social media feeds.

I identified the primary audience as head teachers, school bursars and parents so wanted to devise an aesthetic driven by simplicity and free from jargon and technical information. I directed photoshoots to create an original library of assets that show the products working in real environments, students benefiting from the possibilities of the technology and teachers transforming learning to differentiate the proposition from other more technical led competitor brands. We aimed to truly disrupt the market by creating a brand DNA that reflected the simplicity and style of the products on offer.      

Since the launch of the site, whilst online sales have significantly increased and are constantly growing stronger, the ASE have formed partnerships with schools across the country and achieved Europes biggest iPad 1:1 scheme where 1800 students and 250 teachers use and own their own device.



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