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I am a designer creating beautiful and functional digital experiences with the ultimate aim to make life better for users and clients.


I am a User Interface Designer and User Experience Designer available for long term contracts, one-off websites and joint venture opportunities. I can take ideas from concept sketches to interactive wireframes to elegant, user-centric, pixel perfect, finished designs. While I’m not a developer, I’ve worked with enough to know what’s possible and what’s involved, and is considered throughout my thinking and design process. I have experience working in an Agile environment and can quickly and efficiently visualise and iterate ideas. Able to see through different lenses I strive to design what’s best for the user and right for the business.


I’ve been in the game for 10 years. With a wealth of experience working in agencies, as a freelancer managing my own clients and as a co-founder and creative director of a digital agency, I am able to confidently pitch ideas, talk about my work and create collaboratively with other designers, developers, copywriters and project managers. Clients have included Apple, BBC iPlayer, The Co-operative bank, Manchester United and British Swimming to name a few.


I draw inspiration from social, artistic, cultural and technological developments to push boundaries whilst delivering projects on brand and on time, always served with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. By exploring different approaches to solve any specific user problem, I refine and iterate to create the best possible user experience that works simply, and looks awesome. Good design is knowing the users to produce a product that solves their problems, makes their lives better and truly connects a brand with their audience.




Phone: 07736650954
email: paul@paulclarkson.co.uk